Postcrossing Mixtape

Since September 2014 I have been slowly working on a small side project through the website – Using the online project to share postcards across the globe I gathered responses to my request for Postcrossing members to tell me about their favourite music from their country. And I was not disappointed.

After receiving one hundred postcards by early 2016 I decided to set about compiling the musical knowledge that Postcrossers had kindly shared with me. And I decided to do so by putting the music onto a unique cassette tape; a fittingly slow medium to celebrate postcard exchange.

The project is now featured on the Postcrossing Blog Page where you can read more about the project, see more photos and find the playlist (also available on Spotify).

I hope you enjoy reading about the project and listening to the eclectic mix it provides.

Peace, Love, Music and Postcards!


Postcrossing Mixtape (side 1) 2016


4 responses to “Postcrossing Mixtape

  1. DanHowardGames

    Awesome! I love the write up on the Post Crossing website. you’ve got loads of great comments there too! Really nice project buddy.

  2. Hi, Peter, just came to see your blog!
    Read about it in Postcrossing!
    I sent you a msg there about the musics I like!

  3. Wow, I love this idea so much!

  4. Thanks Sophie. Hope you manage to find and enjoy the music through Spotify. Happy Postcrossing!

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