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artists engaged with syncing rural, urban and digital spaces

Holly Hendry | Alexandra Hughes | Tim Shaw | Rob Smith & Charles Danby | Anna Udall

Curated by Oliver Perry and Peter-Ashley Jackson

The NewBridge Project Space, 16 New Bridge Street West, NE1 8AW /
Preview: Fri 11 November 2016, 6 – 9pm /

Exhibition: Sat 12 November – Sat 17 December / Tues – Sat 12 – 6

ps_bannerThe concept for the exhibition stemmed from conversations about spatial relations in the digital age, at a time in which space has been reconfigured and expanded by new technologies. A group of artists interested in the notion of Polyspace came together to discuss how we understand and express these developments. Conversations throughout Summer 2016 drifted between subjects such as Bitcoin, internet art, ontology, the physical presence of the internet, and strangely even Kate Bush music videos.

The artists examine the fluidity between objects, bodies and spaces, that through digital technologies stretch and alter our perceptions of ‘real’ environments. The works allude to an artistic process as collaboration between artist and technology. Polyspace was conceived as a neologism, which best epitomises the modern approach of working with varied spaces as a subject matter. These spaces explore technology (digital), architecture (urban) and nature (rural). The exhibition features mixed media installation, prints, sculpture and internet-enabled sound and video art.

Polyspace is kindly supported by Arts Council England