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After a short hiatus through 2018, taking time to get to grips with being a new parent, I returned to the studio and made a new artwork for an exhibition in Durham.

Encounter at Ustinov College, Durham – Exploring the encounter between climate change, nature and society.





‘Re-maid’ 2019 found ceramic and plastic bottle components with plastic spoon and paint

Craft Emergency 2016

This winter I’m exhibiting some recent ceramic works at Aspex in Portsmouth as part of…

Craft Emergency 2016: a biennial open submission group exhibition featuring recent work in diverse media by eleven makers;

Ben Branagan, Carol Hunt, Hannah Robson, Helen Snell, Jacky Puzey, Jessie White, Kate Haywood, Peter-Ashley Jackson, Sarah Brown, Sue Paraskeva, Tessa Eastman

DSCN5249 - Version 2
The Demise of Marion Tweedy (Episodes 1 – 6) Parian, mixed clay, glazes & underglaze pencil (2015)

My work as part of the exhibition is The Demise of Marion Tweedy (2015), a series of six meta-narrative ceramic figures providing a visual reinterpretation of the character of Tweedy drawn from her soliloquies in the final chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses.

Craft Emergency aims to champion contemporary craft by emerging makers from across the UK and beyond, increasing exposure for their work, and encouraging further professional development opportunities.

Earlier this year Aspex gallery launched an international open-call in association with  Making Space, Havant. Eleven makers were selected for inclusion in the show by a panel of judges including: Annabelle Campbell, Head of Exhibitions and Collections, Crafts Council; Lynne Dick, Director, Making Space; Thomas Appleton, letter-carver and stonemason and Joanne Bushnell, Director,  Aspex.

From the shortlist of makers included in the exhibition, one will be selected to receive the prize of a solo presentation of new work at the gallery in 2018, which will include a fee of £1,000. Previous winners have included letter-carver and stonemason Thomas Appleton and ceramacist Malene Hartmann Rasmussen, whose show ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ previewed in early 2016.

Craft Emergency runs 25 November 2016 – 22 January 2017

Postcrossing Mixtape

Since September 2014 I have been slowly working on a small side project through the website – Using the online project to share postcards across the globe I gathered responses to my request for Postcrossing members to tell me about their favourite music from their country. And I was not disappointed.

After receiving one hundred postcards by early 2016 I decided to set about compiling the musical knowledge that Postcrossers had kindly shared with me. And I decided to do so by putting the music onto a unique cassette tape; a fittingly slow medium to celebrate postcard exchange.

The project is now featured on the Postcrossing Blog Page where you can read more about the project, see more photos and find the playlist (also available on Spotify).

I hope you enjoy reading about the project and listening to the eclectic mix it provides.

Peace, Love, Music and Postcards!


Postcrossing Mixtape (side 1) 2016

Spring arrivals

Spring is here and the latest additions to the Dysfunktional ceramix family are making their merry way out on tour for an outing to London. More precisely, these new works can be found at the Curwen Gallery at 34 Windmill Street (off Tottenham Court Road). The exhibition, a group show of small sculpture entitled ‘Small Form’, runs from 30 March – 21 April 2011

House (2011)

The recent exhibition ‘what condition our condition is in’ was a great winter blues buster; both well attended and received. In a break from usual ceramic works I presented two new paintings on found paintings alongside collage-photographic self-portrait work, altered postcards and found books

Peter Ashley Jackson’s Dilema (2011)